About Us

Managementoflife.com establish with the aim of providing motivational thoughts/inspirational thoughts/life management. All articles are written by the Mr. Amit Kumar. All articles are published in hindi language.

About Amit Kumar

I’m a  mechanical engineer And also i compose music and sing. Writing is my hobby. I’m really good feel for this writing.I write my thinking & viewpoint on this blog.

My Future Plans

My Future is a clearer. I want to be a musician. I am quite good. In music, I have composed many songs so far but now I am engaged in bringing the music to the perfection so that I can become a best musician and simultaneously. At the same time, I want to be a scientist Which is my dream since my childhood, I keep thinking something new, I am new And also, I like writing, which I write through my blog.You give it a lot of love, thank you very much.